The ADHS and Maricopa County Ryan White Programs recently won a National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award in the Health category for their Ryan White Joint Application and Integrated Eligibility project.

Maricopa County and the State of Arizona Ryan White Programs developed a joint application for HIV services for clients who are dually enrolled in HIV Services at the state and county level. The process collaboratively reviewed two sets of federal regulations plus state and county guidance to create one consolidated set of policies and guidelines.

There was a 50 percent reduction in client application requirements for the two programs and a 58 percent reduction in the length of the application. The core application went from 12 to 5 pages, with a handful of addendums. Finally, the process established HIPAA compliant document referral pathways so that the separate programs could coordinate paperwork.

This is another example of how we are finding new ways to streamline our processes and improve the experience of our clients. State agencies, including ADHS, are implementing the Arizona Management System, a results-driven management system that is being deployed statewide to transform the way our state government thinks and does business as one enterprise. You can visit the Arizona Management System online to learn about all of the improvements that are being made at all our state agencies.