Now that we’re on the road to transitioning to a new system of behavioral health care in Maricopa County, it’s time to move our sights toward taking our reform initiative to the rest of the State.  Our first objective is to get input from the public and other Stakeholders. 

That’s why we, in coordination with AHCCCS, released a Request for Information (RFI) this week.  We’re exploring the feasibility of contracting with more than one at-risk managed care organization to act as a Regional Behavioral Health Authority to create an integrated health care service delivery system to provide physical and behavioral health care services, and to maximize care coordination statewide (we’ve already started the transition in Maricopa County).  

The purpose of RFI is to seek input on the design of the service delivery system to be implemented in Greater Arizona and be fully operational by October 1, 2015.  The Request for Information asks a series of 15 key questions that will impact on how we formulate our next procurement solicitation for behavioral health services.  Folks can submit comments to Elena Beeman in our Procurement shop through January 22, 2014 to weigh in.