Do you know someone who’s pregnant and needs help finding low-cost prenatal care? Someone looking for post-partum depression resources; help with breastfeeding; low-cost dental care; or the nearest WIC clinic?  One great resource that can help is our Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Hotline.  The Hotline (1-800-833-4642) is a statewide service funded by our Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant and it helps thousands of callers every year with a variety of maternal and child health issues- like the importance of folic acid- and providing lots of referrals for a variety of community resources. 

The Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Hotline also supports AHCCCS’s Baby Arizona program.  Baby Arizona is a faster, simpler way of getting prenatal care before a pregnant woman’s AHCCCS application process is complete. Prenatal care providers across the state agree to see pregnant women while their eligibility is being determined. Once a women goes to the Baby Arizona provider she chooses, the provider helps her apply and pre-enroll her in a health plan. That way, women begin prenatal care at no cost while their eligibility is still being processed.  It’s a great way to facilitate early entry into prenatal care- increasing the likelihood of a healthy birth outcome.  By the way, when a pregnant woman applies for AHCCCS she’s considered a family of 2 (or more if there are multiples)- meaning that she’s not in the “childless adult” category- and wouldn’t be subject to the enrollment freeze for childless adults.