The U of A has developed an Arizona Public Health Training Center whose mission is to assess, develop, and deliver training to current and future public health professionals and other community leaders… building and strengthening our public health infrastructure.  One of their strategies is to develop what they call “academic health departments”.  

They’ve asked us to partner with them and become an academic health department, which is an exciting new opportunity.  By the end of March we’ll be identifying 6 projects with a year-long scope of work.  U of A Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health students will be offered a range of different public health projects to apply for, and internships will begin this June for this highly competitive program.  The U of A requires their students to complete an internship to meet their degree requirements and these students will be part of a prestigious program of U of A – ADHS Fellows that will have an opportunity to get paid while getting real world job experience.  They’ve offered us 2 paid $4K fellowships to fund student internship projects over a one year period. 

This is an opportunity to partner with the University and an exciting chance to cultivate new talent.  The application and more details are posted on our Managing for Excellence website at: