Last year 3,663 refugees resettled in Arizona from 45 different countries (about 1/3 were from Iraq).  Refugees have a variety of pressing social, economic and health needs when they arrive. That’s where our ADHS Refugee Health Program comes in.  Our Refugee Health Coordinator, Zachary Holden, works with partners to ensure that refugees arrive healthy and maintain good health as they establish their new lives in Arizona.  It’s part of an initiative through the DES’ Refugee Resettlement Program

Folks from across ADHS in communicable disease, chronic disease, environmental health, behavioral health, injury prevention, and women’s and children’s health have provided educational materials, which have been translated into the top 12 refugee languages. Our Refugee Health website also includes information for case managers, like guidance on common challenges for refugee populations; community profiles for healthcare providers, and community information about organizations who serve refugees.  We’ve even done some data analysis to examine health trends in refugee populations to better target care and prevention education. 

You can check this information hub to better arm yourself with the cultural and linguistic tools to make a positive impact on the health of this unique population.