Our Division of Licensing Services monitors a wide range of facilities including hospitals, assisted living and skilled nursing centers, behavioral health facilities, child care facilities, and group homes for folks with developmental disabilities.  Our teams of surveyors conduct inspections, on-site surveys, and complaint investigations to make sure all of our licensed facilities promote quality care and safety and meet their performance standards.  Our goal is always to gain compliance without having to resort to enforcement actions as I described in a blog post a few months ago.

One of the tools we use to make sure they meet our health and safety expectations is to provide the public with easy to access information about each and every facility’s inspection results.  That way, the public can decide for themselves whether they want to use the services of a licensed facility.  This brings the consumer into the mix and helps us with our mission.  That’s why we developed our electronic tool we call AZ Care Check.  It provides the consumer an easy-to-use tool that allows them to look up the compliance history of any of our licensed facilities, allowing them to make informed decisions about where to seek services for themselves or their loved-ones and how to spend their money.