Tobacco is one of the most difficult addictions to break. A successful tobacco quitter can make on average 10 attempts before they’re able to finally kick the habit. This week we launched Project Quit, a new initiative developed in partnership with the Arizona Smokers Helpline a.k.a. ASHLine to showcase the tobacco quit process. 

Project Quit follows 4 tobacco users for 30 days and records their journeys to quit using tobacco.  The stories are compelling and emotional as they showcase the struggles and successes of quitting tobacco. Project Quit participants allowed a professional camera crew into their homes to film segments at the beginning, middle and end of the 30 days. They also recorded daily confessionals via web cams about the quitting process that included calls with ASHLine quit coaches. Also highlighted in the project are interviews with an addiction specialist who guides viewers through the quitting process.        

You can see each of their stories unfold on the Project Quit website and on our Facebook page. Click on each of the links to learn more about the project and to find resources that can help you or someone you know to quit using tobacco. We’re excited to launch Project Quit and applaud the participants for wanting to quit- and for sharing their experiences with AZ.  One of the successful participants is an ADHS employee- you’ll need to watch to find out who.