OK…  everybody knows that we have all sorts of recognition weeks and months for everything from breastfeeding to mental health.  Most folks don’t know that March is Purchasing Month.  But let’s face it- none of us would be able to accomplish anything in this business without our Procurement team! 

Our Procurement shop touches every aspect of our mission… from managing critical agency solicitations and contracts to helping each of us get needed stuff and services, we depend on the Procurement Office to help us do our work.  That’s why it is easy to understand the Governor issuing a Proclamation declaring March as Purchasing Month for the State of Arizona.  The Proclamation recognizes how the purchasing and supply management profession is a significant part of quality, efficiency, profitability, and productivity for private business and government.  Government and business purchasing plays an important internal function and also plays a vital external role helping with the health of our local and national economies.  

Our procurement team is a key force in achieving our “vision” of health and wellness for all Arizonans.  Thanks ADHS Procurement team for your hard work as you help our programs to purchasing goods and services that benefit the citizens of the State while being good stewards of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars!