About 500,000 times a year in Arizona a call goes out from someone that finds themselves in a medical crisis.  Our pre-hospital and hospital providers step up to the plate to answer that call.  All Arizonans are proud and appreciative of what you do for our citizens, friends, co-workers and families.  You make a difference! 

On paper, one EMS agency looks much the same as another.  But there’s a huge difference when one agency or facility commits to a comprehensive improvement program – a program that involves evaluation of clinical and operational practices, develops plans to overcome shortfalls, tracks initiatives to ensure the intended goal is achieved and continues to monitor and identify new opportunities for improvement.  

In short, agencies or facilities that commit to program improvement add tremendous value to the patient and to the community by reducing the impact of illness and injury.  That’s why we’re so focused on recruiting key partners into our system- through our Premier EMS Agency Program.  Check out our participation materials including our Arizona Blueprint for a Premier EMS Agency; Application & Handbook; Data Submission Application; and Data Submission Guidelines