We met the review deadline for our agency-level policies and procedures related to Personnel Reform thanks to the full court press from our Operations team. This was no small task…  and it took an entire village to complete!  We met weekly throughout the process, but during several phases smaller groups met more frequently, especially as we approached the deadline.  The team members really stepped up, with leaders emerging at all different phases of the project, and subject matter experts being brought in at appropriate research intervals. We’ll have all the material they’ve been working on posted on the Intranet by next week. 

Thanks a million to our cast of characters including Andrea Peterson, Pragathi Tummala, Lynn Golder, Chandra Hara, Sky Mills, Desiree Mills, Carolyn Pitre Wright, Jeff Bloomberg, Tifney Tihey, Rob Lane, Teresa Koehler, Paula Mattingly, Jim Humble, Tom Salow, Julie Smee, and our signal-caller…  Janet Mullen.