strangepolioLast month I bragged about how our newborn screening team beat the deadline I gave them to improve our system – a system that ensure blood spots taken from newborns are quickly screened for life-threatening diseases. Now that the actual deadline is past, it’s good to see the team and our licensed hospitals exceeded what I asked them to do.  The goal was to have 95% blood spots to the lab within 3 days from every licensed hospital in the state.  The team and hospitals beat it with 99% making it to the lab within 3 days and 100% within 4 days!

The Newborn Screening Transit Time Project team did a fabulous job tackling training for hospitals, eliminating issues with delivery contractors and ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page. Thanks to Celia Nabor for her excellent leadership and the whole team’s work to supersede the goal. Well done team.