We’ll be kicking off our newest Rulemaking Adventure on Monday… when we begin the process of putting together Rules for our Licensing shop that streamline and support healthcare integration- allowing the flexibility for healthcare institutions to provide a blend of physical and behavioral health services.  The idea is to put together licensing rules that are flexible and allow various integrated healthcare models.  The licensing structure will primarily focus on health and safety standards for healthcare institutions (including places that provide both behavioral and acute healthcare), and providing specific sets of services, rather than on certification of programs.  

We expect to create a brand-new category of licensed facility that includes both primary and behavioral healthcare.  We’ll also be reviewing and making revisions to the rules for all health care institutions, including nursing care institutions and assisted living facilities so we can facilitate better integration of health services to residents. Our “exempt” rulemaking authority extends until July 1st, 2013, but our goal is to finish by December of 2012.