The core of our decision-making as an agency relies on evidence.  Evidence can be scientific like surveillance or research or it can be administrative or financial.  Whichever way you slice it- the key is to get good reliable information so that our teams can make effective decisions as we execute our mission.  

One of the tools that the statewide public health system relies upon is called the Behavioral Risk Factor Survey.  It’s conducted throughout the year in AZ and examines the self-reported habits of thousands of people from across the state. The report contains key data on lifestyle risk factors contributing to the leading causes of death and chronic diseases- and measures the public health system’s progress on smoking, overweight, high blood pressure, exercise, flu/pneumonia vaccination, cholesterol, seat belt use, fruit/vegetable consumption and other risk factors. 

These data give us some of the tools we need to set priorities and craft intervention strategies. Judy Bass was the point person for this year’s report.   Well done Judy!