I’ve mentioned in previous posts about how I’d like to build more bridges between the Arizona’s academic public health infrastructure and Arizona’s public health system.  After all- our goal is to use evidence-based practices to drive our interventions- and the U of A’s expertise at the Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health is a key resource within AZ’s public health system to accomplish those goals. 

We reached an important milestone this week when we turned the key on our new electronic public health classroom- in Room 411 in the 1740 Building.  The on-line learning center will allow our employees (and staff from the local health departments) to continue their education and obtain a degree in Public Health or complete advance degrees.  In addition, we’ll be working to develop distance learning classes on specific areas such as Quality Improvement to help us gain the knowledge and skill necessary to become accredited and assist our local public health departments as well.  The possibilities are unlimited. I’ll kick off the use of the classroom next week by using it for a lecture on Environmental and Occupational Health for students in Tucson. 

My blog post from March has more information about the host of career training and development opportunities available through the U of A’s College of Public Health.  You can book the new classroom with America Coles.  We’re also planning to have it on the Intranet/e-mail system to reserve room like all the other conference rooms- along with its own web page which will include a calendar of events.