ASH-feature_homeThe Arizona State Hospital will be hosting a Job Fair on Wednesday, November 12, from 9am to Noon at 501 N. 24th Street, Phoenix.  We’re looking for folks that might be interested in joining our team at the Arizona State Hospital.  We’ll be recruiting for various positions like Psychiatric RN’s, Mental Health Program Specialists, and LPN’s.

The Fair is a one-stop shop…and folks can interview for various positions in different areas of the Hospital.  We’re encouraging folks to please bring a resume, educational information, and reference information.

Successful applicants go through a (paid) comprehensive 2-week program, which includes training about our “Culture of Care.”

The 2-week training also includes a certification course in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, which an evidence-based, best practice for early intervention and de-escalation created by the Crisis Prevention Institute.  Non-Violent Crisis Intervention is a proven-effective tool that provides a better therapeutic environment for patients and residents to live and improves safety for everyone.