On January 15, 2011, the Governor released her proposed budget for next fiscal year, which begins July 1, 2011. Our part of the budget in the link above is on pages 105 through 111.  You kinda need to be a budgeteer to understand some of it, so I’ll try to distill it down a little in several posts this week.

Biomedical Research Commission
The Governor’s proposed budget also proposes moving the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission to the ADHS.  This Commission was approved by the voters several years ago and is funded by a Tobacco Tax and Health Care Fund. They award contracts for projects that research the causes, epidemiology, treatment and prevention of diseases, including drug discovery and development.  The Commission basically oversees the projects to make sure they do things right.  The proposal would move the Commission to the ADHS along with their funding and staff.

As you remember, state employees took about a 2.5% salary decrease last year along with a reduction of about that amount because of the 6 furlough days per fiscal year.  Because the savings to the State were more than anticipated for the salary reduction, the Governor is proposing to eliminate the remaining furlough day this fiscal year (June 10) and all of the scheduled furlough days next fiscal year.

I’ve oversimplified the Governor’s proposed budget changes for the ADHS here and I’ve left some stuff out- so please visit the actual proposed budget for next fiscal year if you need detailed information.  Remember that this is a proposed budget and the legislature may make significant changes.  Also remember that some of the budget reductions to Medicaid (the suspension for 2 years of health care for childless adults) requires an approval by the federal government.