istock_000008283372mediumSupporting breastfeeding mothers and babies is an important part of the Arizona Department of Health Services efforts to decrease childhood obesity. The United States Preventive Services Task Force has just updated their recommendations for primary care providers to include breastfeeding support during pregnancy and after birth. Evidence shows that these steps can increase the duration and rates of breastfeeding, including exclusive breastfeeding.

Primary care providers make a difference in the lives of their patients every day. We have a new resource for doctors, “8 Steps to Breastfeeding Friendly: Guidelines for Healthcare Providers Working in Maternal and Child Health which provides easy-to-follow steps for doctors and clinic staff to use as they support breastfeeding moms and their babies. To order your free booklet, please complete this order form.

Be sure to visit our breastfeeding webpages to find specific information for moms, healthcare providers, hospitals, workplaces, and child care settings. We also offer an online course Arizona Baby Steps to Breastfeeding Success. The Arizona WIC Program provides breastfeeding education and support along with healthy foods and nutrition tips. Breastfeeding moms can get answers to breastfeeding questions 24 hours a day by calling the Arizona Department of Health Services 24-Hour Breastfeeding Hotline at 1-800-833-4642.