Construction of our brand new Forensic Unit at the Arizona State Hospital<> is proceeding on schedule, and we’re looking forward to turning the key late this fall.  To get ready, we’ve pulled together a “Transition Team” to start planning the transition.  The Forensic team has recently organized their treatment units and approaches to focus not only on psychiatric symptom stability but also pro-social skill development and engagement.  The transition into the new facility provides an opportunity for these new approaches to be applied to like groups of patients in their various phases of recovery with the ability to be organized by unit.  Our new transition team is looking for opportunities to develop staff teams for these units and groups of patients with skill sets to better meet the therapeutic needs of the patient group.  Additionally, we’ll study the new hospital environment and develop safe procedures for operation.  Having a safe environment will ensure the therapeutic environment will have the optimal outcomes for our patients.  By the end of 2011, the new forensic hospital will be fully operational with this enhanced organized approach.