GettyImages_155282378The reach of Arizona’s Empower Program is expanding to home visiting. The voluntary program was created in 2010 to support licensed Early Care and Education providers. The goal: to empower young children to live a healthy lifestyle. Some of our empowering tips include less screen time for kids, increased physical activity and healthier mealtime foods.

Today, home visiting programs that work with families with young children will be trained to use this exciting program. Our Bureaus of Nutrition and Physical Activity and Women’s and Children’s Health developed a set of Empower standards and a new guidebook has been developed featuring five standards specific to nutrition during pregnancy and ten nutrition standards for infants and toddlers.  The guidebook includes resources and activities with specific recommendations for implementing the standards.

I’m happy to note the Arizona Empower Program was recently recognized as a model program at the annual Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior conference. Whether you are a licensed provider or a parent looking for healthy activities for your kids, please visit our website and learn more about the program.