sullivan_20150410_0200rsSeptember is a great time to visit a farmers’ market as we celebrate Fruits & Veggies-More Matters Month. Plan to visit a farmers’ market and enjoy some fresh and delicious Arizona Grown vegetables and fruit.

This year, nearly 11,000 women and children and 6700 seniors can eat more vegetables and fruits because of our Arizona Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program. Each participant receives $30 in checks to spend at approved farmers’ markets, along with healthy recipes and tips on selecting, storing, and preparing the fresh vegetables and fruits that they purchase on their trip to the market.  Arizona WIC program participants can also use the Cash Value Vouchers they receive each month to buy even more vegetables and fruits at approved farmers’ markets year-round.

Double Up Food Bucks Arizona (Double Up AZ) is an innovative program that helps families bring home more Arizona grown vegetables and fruits. People receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) benefits can use their SNAP Quest card to by SNAP-eligible foods at a farmers’ market and earn a dollar to purchase Arizona grown fruits and vegetables for each dollar they spend (up to $10). Double Up AZ is a project of Pinnacle Prevention, with support from Fair Food Network, Arizona Nutrition Network, Vitalyst Health Foundation, United Food Bank, and Mercy Care Plan.

Did you know that farmers’ markets throughout Arizona increase access to fresh, nutritious food and support healthy communities?