The USDA kicked off their (well-researched) approach to help folks better understand how to make better and healthier food choices.  The new approach- called MyPlate presents a new way to look at what you eat- and replaces the 2 decade old “food pyramid”.  The MyPlate approach will become the new curriculum moving forward for schools and other institutions and is designed to drive our society toward better and healthier choices.  The interactive website is at:

The MyPlate tool is far more than a flat new plan.  It provides exciting and targeted resources for families and teachers such as tools for Preschoolers (2-5yrs);   Kids (6-11yrs); Pregnant & Breastfeeding; and the General Population, information on healthy dieting, a Daily Food Plan and a Food Planner.

The MyPlate idea will give people a better idea of how much of which foods to eat to be healthy.  Last year, ADHS began a similar concept educating people who receive SNAP benefits and all of us.  We published two documents to show people what an Adult Portion Plate and a Youth Portion Plate look like.

Today’s kick off is the perfect opportunity for you to look at what you’re eating or feeding your family and learn how to make healthier food choices.  You can also sign up for healthy recipes on ADHS’s