The MY LIFE program is an award winning approach to helping youth that have experience mental health, substance abuse and/or foster care-related issues to use their experiences, talents and voice to make positive changes in their lives while helping others to do the same.  MY LIFE provides an excellent opportunity for youth to have an active voice in the planning and implementation of system transformations to improve behavioral health care in Maricopa County.  Through regular meetings and local and national workshops, presentations and performances, the group focuses on important issues affecting youth.

This week, MY LIFE members met face-to-face with Arizona State Representatives, Senators and staff to share ideas on how to reduce stigma and educate our community on mental health, substance abuse, and foster care-related issues.  MY LIFE members shared information initiatives, performances, poetry and art.  It was a real treat.

MY LIFE meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of the month from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Community Bridges’ Bill Wilson Hall located at 2770 E. Van Buren St. You can find out more at:  Take about 4 minutes out of your day to watch this inspirational video that will give you a flavor of what the My Life program is and what it means: