Our Forensic Hospital transition team successfully transferred our forensic patients to the new facility this week.  In all, 100 patients in 6 different units were moved into the new forensic hospital this week. Things were smooth because of careful planning and solid execution by nursing, IT, Operations, Campus Support & Safety, Rehab Services, Social Services, Psychology Services, Crothall Housekeeping and Facilities, Morrison Dietary Services and Cardinal Pharmacy.  

The New Forensic Hospital Transition team spent countless hours in committees and sub-committees in addition to all their other duties to make sure the facility was ready, the move coordinated, and programming was in place.  A special thanks to Stephen Forster; Bill Matthews; Al Cerato; Joy Dillman; Deb Taylor, Deborah Sinclair; Sarah King; John Navarro; Jacqueline Tisler; Laura Kandel; Gary Perrin; Diane Flanagan; Kenneth Adcock; Daryl Hall; Nita Surathu and John Wagner.  Finally, thanks to Donna Noriega for leading the transition team.  She was able to keep the team moving, focused and on track to accomplish a successful move.  

A shout out also goes to our partners at the AZ Departments of Administration and Corrections.  From the initial design and construction, to the walk-through that identified risks, to the design and implementation security enhancements earlier this year, to this week’s transition activities-  they’ve been with us every step of the way.  Special thanks to Al Cerato and Joy Dillman for their participation in the transition team and for their efforts in coordinating the actual move with Clara Youngberg from the Department of Administration…  and to Tony Zelenak from Corrections for identifying risks for us. 

We’ll be shutting down and turning off the power to the 50 year-old Forensic WICK Units on Friday morning.  BTW- the WICK Units opened around 1960 and were named after Samuel Wick, MD, who was the Superintendent of the State Hospital during the 1950s and early 60s.