The center of gravity for the public health responses to the fires shifted South this week toward the new Monument fire.

Early this week folks were allowed to go back to Springerville and Eagar, which meant that it was show-time for Licensing again.  We sent a team of surveyors to re-open the licensed facilities that were evacuated last week.  All went well and everybody is back in business now.

Mid-week the Monument Fire (South of Sierra Vista) really took off, sending lots of smoke into areas south of Sierra Vista and into Bisbee.  Our licensing team has contacted well over 100 licensed facilities in the area to ensure that they have executable plans to safely evacuate their folks if it becomes necessary.  AHCCCS has also done a fantastic job working with the health plans to identify and help people in potentially evacuating areas that have complicated health conditions.  There are numerous other public health activities underway including monitoring air quality, behavioral health service continuity, food assistance and other activities.  As always, the latest response summaries are posted at  Well done everybody!