It’s time for our Bureau of Women’s & Children’s Health and our Office of Children with Special Health Care Needs to complete their annual application for the Maternal and Child Health Title V Block Grant.  When you hear “Title V”, people are talking about our maternal and child health prevention programs.  These programs work with other state agencies and community partners to promote health and wellness for Arizona’s women and children. “Title V” is the shortcut way of talking about maternal and child health because it’s Title V of the Social Security Act. 

Each year we report what we’ve done to improve our Performance Measures, which are really national goals, for better women’s and children’s health.  They’re goals like getting more expectant mothers to early prenatal care and finding ways for children to get the health care they need.  The new request will also spell out our plans for work in 2013.  This is where we need your help!  We would like to hear your ideas, comments, or concerns about how we are doing and how we might do a better job. Please send your comments to [email protected] by June 15.