Our Licensing team promotes and protects public health and safety by addressing quality of care issues.  Last week we hosted a forum for our licensed midwives to learn more about our programs and resources to bring them up to speed on our newest initiatives related to maternal and child health so they’ll have the latest tools in their practice toolkit.  About 50% of our licensed professional midwives attended.  

The Bureau of Special Licensing’s Don Gibson took the lead and coordinated presentations on various topics related to maternal and fetal health.  Vital Records presented on how to file a birth certificate, time-frames, and birth data.  Our Birth Defects Program shared data and resources on the prevalence of various asymptomatic congenital conditions.   Newborn Screening covered the various statutory requirements that all newborn children and families are required to be counseled on, and our Immunization Program, Breastfeeding Program, Nutrition and Physical Activity, and Women’s and Children’s Health shared a host of free resources, 24-hour hotlines, and best practices.  

Claudia Montes presented an updated online reporting form.   Special thanks to the presenters: Bianca Soto, Dianna Contreras, Sondi Aponte, Gidget Carle, Fran Altmaier, Dana Goodloe, Anne Whitmire, Mary Ellen Cunningham, Claudia Montes, and Don Gibson.