This week is Men’s Health Week – the worldwide event happens every year before Father’s Day calling attention to the issues that affect men’s health. Many groups take the opportunity to talk about men’s health – we should be thinking about our health every week.  The top health issues that impact men’s health are also some of the easiest issues to prevent.  Heart disease and cancer are leading causes of death for men.  The best way to fight heart disease is exercise and sensible eating.  Our Healthy Living website has some interesting ideas on being active and choosing healthy foods. 

If you’re 50 or older or at higher risk, make a pledge to yourself and your family get checked for prostate and colorectal cancer. Men’s Health Week is the perfect opportunity to schedule an appointment.   

Stress also leads to health problems in men, including depression.  If you’re suffering from depression, it’s harder to be physically active and eat well. Sometimes a chat with a professional can put you back on track or a doctor may prescribe medication to help put your life back in balance. Most employers offer an Employee Assistance Program that will offer free or low cost access to a mental health professional.  The parity law also makes your regular health insurance provide access to mental health care. 

If you’re still smoking, stop.  Every puff of a cigarette or cigar takes time off your life. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance – quitting isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. If you need help, call the ASHLine at 1-800-556-6222. 

Finally, consider getting a physical this year to identify hidden health conditions.  If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your family.