A group called the Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project turned in signatures in support of a proposed “medical marijuana” voter initiative for the November 2 ballot. Election officials will be busy over the next couple of months to determine whether enough of the submitted signatures are valid.  If enough of the signatures are valid, if it passes, and if it survives any court challenges, the ADHS would be responsible for implementing many of the provisions of the act.

Basically, the initiative would create a system whereby people could register to dispense, use, and assist with the use of “medical marijuana” if they have a doctor’s recommendation.  The ADHS’s responsibilities would be to administer the registration, application and approval process for users and dispensers; set some of the approval criteria; provide for and administer a renewal application process; set the fees that to run the program; issue cards to patients, caregivers and dispensary employees; register the dispensing facilities; create and manage web-based verification system for law enforcement; and generate an annual report.  It would provide exempt rulemaking authority for a limited period.