Our Food Safety and Environmental Services Program was recently awarded a cooperative agreement from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The funding will provide support to build a nationally integrated food safety system through participation in the Manufactured Food Regulatory Program Standards. The funding will also provide local oversight and support to Arizona businesses involved in the manufacturing of food products.

Our program, which competed nationally for the funding, will use this opportunity to initiate work towards conformance with the Standards, which set critically important requirements for manufactured food programs to protect the public from foodborne illness.

This is the ideal time to begin this project, as the Food Safety and Environmental Services Program is currently working with FDA to begin their first manufactured food inspection contract.  The newly awarded cooperative agreement will provide the Food Safety and Environmental Services Program with an opportunity to provide specialized training for field staff that will be conducting manufactured food inspections, acquire applicable inspection equipment, and update the state’s regulatory foundation as it applies to manufactured food.  This work will streamline the way we interact with businesses to provide more relevant regulation for manufacturers. Congratulations to the Food Safety and Environmental Services team!