FoodAssistance2Arizona is focused on making affordable fruits and vegetables easy-to-find in communities throughout the state.  In Arizona, more than 40% of Farmers’ Markets accept Arizona Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program coupons so WIC moms and seniors on the Commodity Supplemental Food Program can purchase fruits and vegetables at Farmers’ Markets, compared to just 21% of the Farmers’ Markets across the US accepting these coupons.

We’re working with Maricopa County to pilot a project to increase the number of Farmers’ Markets that accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamp) benefits.  The project will help those with a limited income have better access to locally grown produce close to home.  Currently, there are 19 Farmers’ Markets  in Arizona that take SNAP benefits.  The Arizona Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program  has maps showing which markets accept SNAP benefits.

The feds are the Farmers’ Market folks too. is a one-stop information center where farmers markets and farmers can find out how to participate in SNAP.   Installing wireless technology at farmers markets expands the customer base for markets and increases the share of the SNAP dollar that goes directly back to local farmers, strengthening local economies.