Join me and challenge yourself this holiday season. Give yourselves the most important holiday gift, the gift of health. Visit North Carolina’s Eat Smart, Move More website to get started today! Not only will you be provided with easy and fun ways to stay on top of the seasons’ calories, but you can also join the Eat Smart, Move More Holiday Challenge for free. This is a Self-Challenge to help you be more mindful of your nutrition and physical activity during the time of the year that is always the biggest challenge.  This year,  maintain, don’t gain. 

Remember: You don’t have to do it alone. Stay motivated and support one another. How about being sure to offer some healthy choices during office holiday celebrations?  Instead of bringing in cookies and candy, you can bring a fruit dessert or healthy veggies with low-fat dip.  Please visit Healthy Recipes for Eating Smart for great recipes to help you  along the way.  How you participate is up to you — follow along with other participants just like you on the Holiday Challenge BlogSign up today!