Our Licensing and Rulemaking teams spent virtually all week hearing from hundreds of Stakeholders from numerous associations and licensees about our ongoing regulatory reform effort.  Our team met with representatives from:  Adult Day Health Care Facilities;  Assisted Living FacilitiesHome Health Agencies; Hospices; Hospitals; Nursing Care Institutions; Outpatient Surgical Centers; Outpatient Treatment Centers; Recovery Care Centers; Adult Therapeutic Foster Homes; DUI Services; Level 1 Residential Treatment CentersLevel 1 Sub-Acute Facilities; Level 3 BH Residential Agencies; Level 4 Transitional Agencies; and Rural Substance Abuse Transitional Agencies

Most of the meetings went fairly well, with representatives providing us with specific and mostly constructive feedback which we’ll use to help construct better regulations.  Some meetings were more helpful than others.  The meetings in which folks gave us specific and targeted feedback regarding discrete parts of our draft rules were, of course, the most productive. 

We’ve posted our draft rules for Healthcare Institutions and Behavioral Health Service Agencies on our website.  Folks can continue to provide written comments and feedback via the respective on-line surveys on the Healthcare Institutions and Behavioral Health Service Agencies websites through May 5.