Medical licensing has been busy over the last few months preparing to license Abortion Clinics.  Back in 1999, a law was passed (ARS § 36-449.01 36-449.02 36-449.03) that required ADHS to license and inspect abortion providers if they provide 5 or more first-trimester abortions in a month or if they provide any 2nd or 3rd trimester abortions as an abortion clinic.  Hospitals were exempted.  The 10-year legal battle over how to implement the law ended earlier this year-  with an agreement that we’ll begin licensing and inspecting the clinics beginning November 1.  The new rules are posted in the Arizona Administrative Register, November 6, 2009 (15 AAR 1822).

Our medical licensing team has been busy providing technical assistance trainings which focus on ways to comply with the new licensing requirements, including going over easy to understand checklists, so that we have a smooth transition.  In addition, our medical facilities website has been enhanced to provide all the licensing materials and resources to meet this new licensing category.

In other news, our Long Term Care team will be conducting an interactive training program on October 14 for folks at the ADES, AHCCCS and the 12 ICFMR (intermediate care facilities for the mentally challenged) facilities in Arizona regarding the Medicare requirements for these kinds of facilities.  There are 12 facilities like these in Arizona that require Medicare certification. Our goal for the training is to help get staff up to speed with the changing dynamics and requirements for these kinds of facilities so that they’re all squared away when we get there for our routine surveys. Thanks for being proactive!