We’re getting near the end of the long journey of our licensing regulatory reform.  Last Wednesday we posted the revised draft rules for Chapter 10 (Health Care Institutions – Licensing) and Chapter 20 (Non-licensing approval).  Our goals is to simplify and streamline our rules so they align with our strategic plan and map to improve public health outcomes.  We’ve been working with representatives from the medical community, the behavioral health system, advocates and other affected folks to help reform our regulations.  We still need your help. Please provide comments for Chapter 10 using online surveys . Please provide comments for Chapter 20 using online survey .

The comment period will end on May 5th. The Department will revise the drafts and the final rules will take effect on July 1st of this year.  Please visit our Licensing webpage  to learn more about our integrated licensing rules implementation.

Thanks to all who have helped to advance the licensing of integrated health in Arizona!