A few months ago our tobacco & chronic disease prevention team was awarded a CDC grant to increase coordination and collaboration on evidence-based interventions addressing the leading causes of chronic diseases in Arizona (heart disease, cancer, pulmonary disease, stroke, diabetes, and arthritis).  The Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion grant will look for ways we can leverage community partners to improve the health of all Arizonans through health policy, school-based initiatives, community health impact assessments, increased preventive health screenings, chronic disease self-management and worksite wellness.  

From now through December 12th our team will be meeting with stakeholders throughout Arizona in a series of partner meetings to gather input on the development of a chronic disease strategic plan surrounding these issues and interventions.  Hundreds of community partners have been invited to participate in sessions taking place in Yuma, Tucson, Flagstaff and Phoenix.  Simply visit our Chronic Disease Blog for details.