National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW) was established in 2005 by the CDC to highlight the continuing need to vaccinate for influenza through the holiday season and beyond. This year, NIVW is being observed December 3 through 9.

Influenza causes mild to severe illness, and even death. Every season, roughly 4,000 Arizonans are hospitalized and 700 die from influenza. Last season, nationwide over 100 pediatric deaths from influenza were reported to CDC. Hear firsthand stories from families affected by influenza through the organization Families Fighting Flu.

The influenza vaccine is the best way to prevent influenza and protect yourself and your loved ones from getting sick. As long as influenza is circulating, the CDC recommends that everyone over the age of 6 months gets vaccinated each season, especially those at high risk for complications. Even if you have gotten influenza already this season, you can still benefit from the vaccine. Since the vaccine contains multiple strains of the influenza virus, it can protect you from a strain that you didn’t get. With influenza activity increasing, and holiday gatherings coming up, now is a great time to get your influenza vaccine. Find a place to get vaccinated at