The integrated behavioral and physical health contracts for the northern region (Health Choice Integrated Care), and the southern region (Cenpatico Integrated Care) launched October 1, and Information Technology Services, part of the Division of Planning and Operations, has been tirelessly working over this for the past year to help with the launch.

Over the last year, our IT team successfully registered and provided access to all of the new incoming Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHA) users to our IT web application systems, facilitated an online feature for OPT OUT of the Integrated model to all RBHA members, and re-engineered our IT systems to capture the new format of demographic and clinical assessments for all statewide members across all of the RBHA’s, which included the federal mandate of capturing diagnosis codes.

A project of this magnitude, which included system enhancements, new features, and mandates, involved many contributors. Many IT staff put in extra effort for several months to meet the October 1 deadline. Each one of their contributions from the beginning of this project and their ongoing commitment along the way was truly paramount in this successful accomplishment.  

There were many contributors from our IT team and BHS Program administration. Special thanks to everyone for your outstanding work on this project.