Dr. Nelson wrote a great blog this week that discusses the behavioral health aspects of the Governor’s

2012 State of the State Address which was followed by the release of her policy agenda called The Four Cornerstones of Reform: Centennial Edition.  Please visit Dr. Nelson’s blog for the details of the Governor’s remarks about behavioral health including information about the FY2013 Executive Budget which proposes almost $39M in additional funding be set aside for certain community-based services for folks struggling with a serious mental illness (who don’t qualify for Medicaid)…  for things like peer and family support, supported employment, supported housing, health promotion, and living skills training.  This is great (and welcome) news. 

There are a number of other elements related to our Agency budget proposal in the budget report- including a provision that would allow us to set appropriate fees for our newborn screening program, which has been running in the red for the last couple of years despite aggressive cost-cutting measures.