Last legislative session the Governor signed HB 2036– which amends state law regarding abortions. Some parts of the law are pending legal challenges, but the parts requiring us to develop a website were unaffected- and our new informed consent site just went up.  The website lists agencies and services that are available to assist women throughout their pregnancy, including information about adoption.  The information is listed to make it easy for women to find local resources.  Many of our public health programs are listed, like WIC, breastfeeding support, and home visiting programs.  The website also includes information describing fetal development and info describing various abortion methods and medical risks associated with the procedures. 

It’s important that providers are aware of the website because the law requires AZ health care providers to give a woman considering an abortion the opportunity to review the information. A “Potential Resources Submission Form” is posted in case agencies are interested in listing additional resources on the site.