Meeting the annual training requirement just got a little easier for Vaccines for Children providers and participants thanks to the Arizona Immunization Program Office (AIPO) Train! AIPO Train is a dedicated online learning management system (LMS) providing a simple and intuitive user interface for Arizona’s VFC providers and immunization partners.

Until now VFC providers and partners completed their annual training using the CDC’s web based training modules You Call the Shots. The CDC training continues to be an option for providers to meet training requirements, and obtain continuing education credits if necessary; however AIPO Train provides content and materials created specifically for Arizona’s VFC providers and immunization partners.

AIPO training staff develops relevant, up-to-date, training and resources for immunization providers and VFC program participants utilizing federal and state operations manuals and available data from the CDC’s Immunization Program Evaluation, vaccine cold chain and inventory management records, and reporting trends from ASIIS. Analyzing this data provides valuable information which is then used to build learning content focused on specific areas in need of improvement.

In addition to providing valuable learning materials and resources to VFC participants and immunization partners, AIPO Train provides useful data to training staff and program managers, which is used to further target AIPO messaging and learning materials to improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of VFC providers and immunization partners working to prevent vaccine preventable disease outbreak in Arizona.

On April 7, AIPO Train went live with a three chapter—three quiz Vaccines for Children curriculum covering VFC eligibility screening, documentation and record keeping, vaccine storage and handling, and vaccine inventory management. Many more curricula, courses, and resources will be added very soon as AIPO Train grows and continues to meet the needs of Arizona’s VFC providers and immunization partners.