A quick and effective response is critical when you have a brain injury.  That’s why our Excellence in Pre-hospital Injury Care Project is so critical.  It’s a unique NIH funded collaboration between the ADHS and the U of A College of Medicine’s Emergency Medicine Research Center.  More than 150 EMS agencies in AZ are now participating- which aims to improve survival from moderate and severe traumatic brain injury by changing how the pre-hospital world responds to brain trauma. 

This project will save countless lives by improving the survival rates of children with traumatic brain injury by implementing pre-hospital guidelines…  but it could also help children recover more fully from brain trauma. Our study will help EMS providers throughout the state apply guidelines and measure their success.  In a nutshell- AZ pre-hospital agencies will be implementing guidelines that have been studied across the country and measuring outcomes so we can improve our system and set a new standard for the country.  For more info go to www.epic.arizona.edu