As predicted by our 1990 ADHS Vital Statistics Bureau in 1990- cancer is now the number one killer in Arizona – surpassing heart disease.  Does this mean that cancer is getting worse?  Probably not- it really says that because of better management, treatment, and prevention of heart disease- people with heart conditions are living longer.  Effective medications to control high blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels (statins) have been developed, medical procedures have improved such as removal of coronary artery obstructions, coronary artery bypass, cardiac catheterization, pacemakers; and widely available supplements (certain Omega-3 fatty acids) or even a margarine such as ‘Promise’ which is ‘cardiologist endorsed’.  We’re also making more progress educating the public about the importance of controlling your blood pressure- which is the #1 risk factor for heart disease.  Check out the full report “Heart Disease vs. Cancer: An Epidemiologic Transition in Mortality Risks” on our website.