According to the CDC about 15% of school age kids have some hearing loss.  Children who are hard of hearing will find it harder to learn vocabulary, grammar, word order, and other parts of verbal communication.  Newborn hearing loss occurs in about 1 in 5,000 births- which is why it’s so important that AZ kids get a newborn hearing screening test.  IN AZ each school is supposed to conduct hearing screening for their students.   Last school year 574,361 children had a hearing screen and 1,484 children were identified as having some hearing loss- many of who moved on to interventions like ear tubes or hearing assist devices.  

But to be successful in school you need to see clearly too.  Vision Screening isn’t a mandated service at schools, but according to Prevent Blindness America vision problems affect 25% of school-aged kids.  In the US millions of kids in elementary schools have vision problems that go undetected and untreated.  Not being able to see clearly will slow a child’s ability to learn.  Without early detection and treatment, children’s vision problems can lead to permanent vision loss, learning difficulties, and of course missed learning opportunities.