Everybody knows that people in different parts of the country behave differently when it comes to smoking and physical activity, but does it impact how long they live?  The answer is yes.  According to fascinating study, Americans are living longer, but not in every part of the country.  In fact, in some areas, life expectancy has actually fallen mostly because of unhealthy behaviors.  Smoking and obesity are largely to blame for the differences,but the environment in which people live, work and play, including their social, physical and economic conditions also influences heath status.  By addressing the Big 4 (smoking, high blood pressure, elevated blood glucose, and obesity) risk factors, life expectancy would be almost 5 years longer.  Check out the study when you have a chance, especially the map, which shows life expectancy by county across the US (Yuma is the highest in AZ, Mohave the lowest).  By the way, Yuma County has the lowest smoking rates and Mohave the highest in AZ.