We’ve made a strong effort in the past couple years to make sure that we are doing our best to protect the health and safety of people in our licensed facilities.  Whenever possible, we work to help those facilities come into compliance with our rules, but sometimes we have no choice but to drop the hammer of enforcement, which is what the Assisted Living team did at Fiesta Village.

Last summer ADHS closed the facility based on the conditions we found during our visits.  The facility had been under scrutiny by the Division of Licensing for several months because of concern for the safety and welfare of the residents.  While staff normally only goes into a facility once a year, ADHS staff had been in and out of Fiesta Village several times prior to the operator surrendering the license.  ADHS worked closely with the city of Phoenix and other agencies to make sure the residents were transitioned into safe places and then after the facility closed to help with the criminal investigation.

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