Our behavioral health licensing team gets complaints from many sources- but seldom do we read about potentially dangerous conditions in the newspaper.  But that’s just what happened earlier this month.  Our licensing team awoke to read an article in a local newspaper in which the operator stated that they had laid off their clinical director, nurse, therapist and four caregivers; all key positions which ensure health and safety.  As a result, our team lead (Jewela Rice) opened a complaint and Coy Turner was sent out to investigate. Coy found an overall lack of compliance with the rules that compromised the safety and well- being of the four vulnerable adults residing there. 

He immediately notified his team lead (Jay McGahee) who put together a provider agreement that would address the immediate jeopardy that existed on site.  In the hours following, when the operator couldn’t fulfill the essential pieces of the safety plan, Coy and his Office Chief (Barb Lang) worked all weekend to ensure that the clients were OK and that trained staff were present. 

On Monday our team met with the operator to solidify a long-term plan to keep the clients supervised and safe as well as get the facility into compliance.  At the conclusion of the meeting, agreements were put in writing- but critical information was still needed to demonstrate compliance. Barb contacted all of the placing agencies expressing concern about items that were not met.  The placing agencies decided to relocate the folks to avoid any potential risk and/or harm to them. Ultimately, all 4 gentlemen were safely relocated to alternative licensed facilities. As we approach the long holiday weekend, we’re all proud that the families of these clients can feel confident that they are well cared for in a clean, well-staffed and trained environment.  Well done. 

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