Adolescence is a critical developmental period that can have a significant impact on a person’s life course therefore, it is essential that those working with young people are better able to understand and connect with them. This is even more important when working with youth who have experienced any form of trauma.

Our Bureau of Women’s and Children’s Health is offering free two-day trainings titled Adolescent Brain Development: Understanding the Impact of Stress and Trauma across the state from May through August. The training focuses on understanding adolescent brain development and how a traumatic experience in childhood and adolescence affects the developing brain and impacts relationships, learning and behavior. Participants will learn what trauma informed care means within the context of adolescent brain development, and how stress impacts young people differently than adults in terms of social, emotional, cognitive, and brain development.

The training is open to professionals who work with or teach youth. Parents are welcome to participate as well. Anyone registering for the training must be able to attend the entire two days. Here is the link to register for one of the trainings. For questions or more information, please contact [email protected].