The events in Boston and in West, TX highlight the important role of our EMS Agencies and trauma centers in helping badly injured victims…  but they also remind us that each of us may be unexpectedly needed to help during an emergency.   But where can you start to bring up your first aid skill set so you’ll be effective?

A quick web-search for “First Aid Training, Arizona” will give you links to tons of resources and websites where you can learn more about becoming better prepared to help in an emergency.  Another option is to apply to be a part of your local Certified Emergency Response Team that may be called to assist during a local emergency.  Here’s a link to the 39 different CERT Teams located here in Arizona.  And remember, if you haven’t prepared a Family Emergency Plan take the time to do it- and while you’re at it review the other great resources available on the Just in Case, Arizona website.

BTW: Arizona has a robust Good Samaritan Law  (ARS 32-1471), which protects folks that provide first aid or other assistance at an emergency scene from getting sued…  so the only thing standing in the way of you providing first aid  during an emergency is your skill set.