We’ve been implementing an evidence-based practice called Non-Violent Crisis Intervention as our operational model at the AZ State Hospital for the last few months- and we’re already seeing dramatic results.  It’s a best practice for early intervention and de-escalation created by the Crisis Prevention Institute.  It’s based on teamwork and training.  By using a cohesive team that’s fully engaged in all aspects of care, we create an environment that’s therapeutic for patients/residents and safe for everyone while providing our team with a rewarding work environment and a Culture of Care.

Good news…  since implementing our Non-Violent Crisis Intervention training we’ve dropped the % of incidents at the Hospital that end up in restraint or seclusion by over 40%.  Equally encouraging is the fact that staff injury has been reduced by nearly the same amount.  Our team at the hospital is doing a great job of using a recovery-based and trauma-informed approach in applying the de-escalation principles that are the key to these results.  You can read more about Non-Violent Crisis Intervention on the Crisis Prevention Institute website.

Implementing this new strategy hasn’t been a cakewalk.  Everybody has been through intensive training- and making a shift like this can take folks out of their comfort zone.  But I’ve found over the years that sometimes the best way to grow and achieve is to put yourself outside your comfort zone and reach.  Well done!