POur Child Care Licensing shop launched a new Child Care Licensing application last week.  The Bureau regulates nearly 2,500 Child Care Centers in the state of Arizona.  The new web application gives Child Care Centers a way to submit licensing (and enforcement) fees – increasing the efficiency of our processing time.  The application is also designed as an e-Licensing portal, so it can be expanded to include other types of licensing.

Thanks to the following team for their efforts in creating both of these web applications – ITS:  Siham Sroujian, Asha Balachandran, Michael Conklin, and Narayan Konanki.  Licensing:  Claudia Montes, Lourdes Ochoa, Flossie Wagner, Stephanie Wise, Carla Chee, and Rob Bailey.  Business & Finance:  Lori Lopez And Joanne Chang.